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  • dalit moskona

How Mediation Can heal your Mind and Soul: Zen and the Art of Doing Nothing


No. You are not Lazy.

You are not Lazy. You are a Zen Master.

You are a Zen Master who recognizes and knows the beauty and magic and healing properties of doing Nothing.

Doing Nothing is a hobby.

Doing Nothing is a Spiritual pursuit.

Doing Nothing is an Emotional release.

Doing Nothing is a gift.

A gift you give to yourself when you need it.

So do not let me catch you feeling guilty about doing Nothing. In fact, throw the word out of your vocabulary.

Instead, luxuriate in your Nothingness. Love, accept and appreciate every moment of the luxury of your Nothingness.

Spread the word. Proudly do Nothing when it’s your time to do Nothing.

A general definition of Zen is a peaceful and calm no-mind. Not really thinking of much or fixated on tasks or obligations. Just floating along on the currents of life. Watching and being aware of what you experience in this state of no mind or not doing.

So, you see why you are a Zen Master? You have been Zen Mastering for a long time without even knowing it. But now you know it and you can relax into it knowing that it is not a flaw or a problem but an accepted and preferred state of existence.

Whether you read, or watch tv, or curl up in bed or catch up with friends or simply stare into space, do this Nothing with dignity, acceptance and Awareness that you are claiming “this time” as your own to simply be in the moment. These moments of pure “Nothing” pleasure refills and replenishes your tank. It soothes your stressed Central Nervous System. It gives your mind and body and heart a well deserved time out. Allow the pleasure into your life.

It’s not wasting time if you are enjoying the moment. And that is the key, the secret, the Zen of it all. To intentionally, deliberately, consciously do Nothing but enjoy your own existence without the guilt of not doing, not running, not achieving. How could that be anything other than a gift, a priceless moment?

So instead of calling yourself “lazy”, call yourself a Zen Master.

And enjoy.



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