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  • dalit moskona

Meditation as the greatest expression of being Human

Think about it for a moment.

What does it really mean to be Human?

And once we know what it means to be Human, how can we express our uniqueness in the best and highest way?

I suppose you would get different answers depending on who you asked.

Biologists and Chemists would probably give you different answers and insights than a Philosopher or a Spiritual Leader would.

They are all valid in their own way.

I believe that a Human Being’s ability to ponder, to wonder, to seek, to attempt to connect to the Divine, to long for connection with self, to pause, to listen is Life’s ultimate gift to us as a Species. We are blessed with the gift, the ability to access all the awe of the Universe, the marvels of our planet, our own unique selves just by stopping for a few minutes, opening up to the moment, becoming aware, truly Be-ing in our true nature.

In other words, Meditating.

Mediation allows us to experience our time as Human Be-ings, not Human Doi-ngs.



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