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  • Why do I need a Life Coach?
    To gain perspective, to see your life through a new and deeper lens, to fall in love with your life
  • Why You?  There are tons of Life Coaches out there.
    You are so right. I use the term "Life Coach", but I am so much more. During our work together, you will receive all the benefits of a Life Coach plus learning to Meditate plus creating a Mindful Living lifestyle, plus laughter , plus enjoying every moment of our time together
  • Does Life Coaching really work?
    Only if you want it to. Your intention and passion for your own life will tell the tale
  • Will I have homework and assignments?
    Sometimes. I do not believe in putting pressure or stress on you. This is a joyous process. There will be ZERO judgment or criticism. Only gentle guidance. This I promise you.
  • What is Meditation?
    “Meditation” is an Umbrella term, much like the word “Exercise”. It can be an overwhelming word but it need not be. Meditation is simply the practice of sitting with yourself, breathing and enjoying the experience of being alive. You still think and feel and you are not looking for a “better” or a “new” or a “different” you. You connect with the “you” that you are right now, in this moment. See, that was pretty simple.
  • Why should I Meditate?
    So many answers! -clarity of mind -stress reduction -calmness -peace -curiosity -wonder -depth -joy
  • Is Meditation right for me?
    Yes! Meditation is for everyone. If you worry that... “I am too anxious”. “I can’t stop thinking”. “Or itching”. “Or yawning”. “Or falling asleep”. Good! You are normal then. None of these things are a barrier to Meditation and I can help you overcome them.
  • Why do I need a Meditation Coach?
    There are a million apps, books and audios to learn from, but what they all lack is that personal touch. Sometimes you just need someone to show you how. To help with any questions, to get feedback and get guidance when you encounter difficulties
  • Are you the right teacher for me?
    You could choose another teacher or guide or find an app online. But, I am really good. And I really care. And I absolutely love teaching people to Meditate. My passion for and joy in Meditating are infectious. I will not only teach you how to Meditate, I will teach you to love it.
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