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  • Breathing Lowers stress in the body. Deep and mindful breathing sends a message to the brain to calm down and relax. Induces a state of steady stillness. Different types include: Alternate Nostril Breathing for Focus and Mindful Awareness; 4-7-8 Relaxation; Focus on each breathe; Color Breathing

  • Body Scan and Relaxation Meditations Soothes and relaxes the mind, body and soul with gentle guidance.

  • Focus vs Observe Meditations Learning the difference between Focus and the Art of Observing and how to create a purposeful distance between the two.

  • Guided Meditations A soothing, calming and peaceful inner journey that can illuminate and foster clarity.

  • Gratitude Meditations Learning  the Art of being Grateful and how it can change your perception and reality.

  • Mindful Eating  Uncovering the true joy of eating.  

  • Mindful Walking Movement without a goal or purpose. Finding the peace and joy behind the simplest things

  • Mindful Living Living in a state of Awareness, Alertness and Attention. Living Deliberately and with Intention.

  • Third Eye Meditation Awaken, Vitalize and Activate your Third Eye for a clearer and more insightful inner life.

  • Mantra Meditations An effective tool to clear and soothe a chaotic mind. Helps with anxiety and stress.

  • Chakra Cleanse and Balance Meditations  Learn about the wheels of energy and how to unblock stuck and stagnant energy.  Learn to cleanse and balance your energies through guided meditations and visualizations. 

  • Nervous System Regulation  Using both traditional and scientific techniques from somatic healing, EMDR, EFT, and various meditation traditions to regulate and heal the nervous system. Teaching you how to shift from sympathetic to a parasympathetic state to induce peace and calm through the nervous system.

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Yugen: A Japanese word that means "creating a profound awareness of the Universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words"

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