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First, let me tell you what our journey together will not be:



-Focusing on what is wrong with you and your life.




So, what will our work together look like?

-We map out and take a close and detailed look at your life today

(work and career issues, home life, interpersonal relationships, projects, hobbies, transitions, your relationship with yourself)

-We chart what works and explore why it works

-We see what areas in your life you are happy with and why

-We then begin to use this information to work on the areas of your life that you are not so pleased with. The areas that you want to work on. What needs tweaking.

-We apply what works to what doesn’t work.

-We identify challenges, obstacles, resistance

-Together we create a course of action to work through the challenges, remove the obstacles, release the resistance and create a path forward.

-With this work, you will discover your true values, goals and dreams.

-You will understand what peace, contentment and joy feels like for you


How do we do this? We use many tools:

-Friendship and gentle guidance and mentoring

-Creating a Self Care Program

-Confidence gaining exercises


-Meditation and guided imagery

-Vision Work

-Learning Stress Management Techniques

-Creative Arts

-Discovering fun hobbies

-Implementing Organizational Skills


What are the benefits and gifts of this Program

-A new friend

-A new perspective and Mindset on life

-You will discover  what makes you awesome

-You will make decisive and effective choices

-You will see productive positive changes and results in your life

-You will progress towards her own unique vision for yourself

-You will have less stress and more peace, balance, acceptance, contentment, joy

-You will gain clarity on what really matters to you and discard what doesn’t

-You will find your “why” so that the “how” becomes effortlessly apparent

-You will learn to live life in the present moment with intention and awareness and appreciation

-You will learn how to deal with negative and chaotic thoughts and thought patterns

-You will put aside limiting beliefs

-You will gain mindful listening

-You will improve interpersonal relationships and learn how to talk and listen to people effectively -You will achieve wellness balance

-You will gain Time Management and Organizational Skills

-You will learn how to balance between work, family, friends, playtime and  self care

-You will come to understand how to use and tap into your strengths in the most effective way and deal with and compensate for your weaknesses not out of judgement or criticism but with love and acceptance.

-You will bring out  into the world what makes you awesome. Leveraging your best while accepting and loving your worst

-Come to see, know and ignite YOUR Spark


Yugen: A Japanese word that means "creating a profound awareness of the Universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words"

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