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Will Mediating Help Me Loose Weight?: Zen and the Art of Dieting

Do I have the answer for dieting? and loosing weight?

Nope. I got Nothing. Absolutely Nothing with a capital N.

I wish I had the Secret.

If I did, I would:

  1. Win some sort of prize. Probably, the Nobel Committee would come up with a whole new category. A special Nobel Prize for being “The Greatest Living Woman on the Planet”. Even Oprah wouldn’t begrudge me this honor. Maybe SHE would even hand ME the Prize.

  2. Definitely be on an Oprah Special, Dr Oz, The View, The Talk, 60 minutes and all morning News Shows.

  3. Be hated by Big Pharma.

  4. Be loved by every woman in the world. (men too)

Well, Maybe I do have Something.

To quote Oprah, here’s what I know for sure, My Something.

  1. It sucks

  2. It really sucks

  3. It really really sucks

  4. It can suck the joy out of life

  5. It’s not fair that it sucks so bad

  6. When you are finished feeling your feelings about how much it sucks, just breathe and be grateful for the gift of that Perfect Breathe. It means that you are Alive. Then Smile and be grateful that you are not sick with Cancer, Covid or any other horrible disease. (you always have to throw in a “Cancer” or “Covid” thing when you are trying to help a person gain perspective simply because it is true and effective)

  7. Stop “dieting” in the Western sense of deprivation, stress and despair

  8. Accept life, accept the situation

  9. Find a Way of Eating that works for you, your body and your lifestyle.

  10. Decide that you will live your moment, your day to the fullest, in the best way possible, building your day one healthy choice at a time

  11. Eat Mindfully, Intuitively and calmly

  12. Laugh at how much it sometimes sucks

  13. Become aware that sometimes it doesn't suck. It actually feels good, empowering even, to fill your body with whole foods that you love and enjoy. How lucky you are to have the luxury of choice. The good fortune to have the ability to take care of your body in whatever way you choose

  14. Perhaps, via this free, holistic, non threatening, intuitive approach, you will come to understand yourself better, love yourself more deeply and become more aware of your life

  15. If you are less than “perfect” (ridiculous word), oh well. You still have your breath, your health and the next moment to start anew.

Not worth a Nobel Prize or Oprah’s praise or mass devotion but maybe worth a thought



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