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Why Should You Practice Mindfulness?: To Live Extraordinary Moments in an Ordinary Life

Why I practice Mindfulness

I practice Mindfulness for one simple reason: To live extraordinary moments in an ordinary life.

From the Outside, my life is quite normal and ordinary.

I am a wife, a mother, a housewife, an ex lawyer, a business owner, a daughter, a sister, a friend.

I have other “titles” that are just as commonplace as these.

I cook, I clean, I fight Insurance companies and run errands.

I yell at the tv and talk to myself when no one is listening,

I watch Netflix.

I am beyond middle age, graying, aging, spreading.

My kids are just starting on their paths and I am just a bit jealous.

See, ordinary. Just like everyone else.

But… I have a whole other world.

The Extraordinary.

The world where every moment, no matter how ordinary, becomes magnified and sacred because I am aware of it and it belongs to me. Whether I am peeling carrots for dinner or folding laundry or listening to music, I am fully present in my moment and aware of every thought, feeling and sensation. For example sitting outside is as close to religious ecstasy as I come. When I sit outside, I am REALLY there. Just the thought of sitting alone outdoors sends a thrill of anticipation through me. And I am here for every delicious moment of anticipation and thrill in my ordinary day. I relish the moments of precious privacy to come. No phone, no demands, no need to be or do anything. Just me and my experience. I always take a moment to appreciate the beauty and aesthetics of my surroundings. The light, the colors, the sounds, the smells. I simply sit quietly and let the moment flow and allow whatever wants to happen inside me, happen. I do not take these moments for granted because I am selfish. I want to see and feel and hear and experience every mundane thing as if it were sacred. For it is sacred, it is the sum of the moments of my life.

Mindfulness is my guide through my day. Mindful eating, Mindful walking, Mindful listening. Every moment is a chance to be Mindful and to live my fullest experience.



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