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How Meditation Healed my Heart: Messages

There was once a young girl

She was a small girl, but she had a huge appetite

A huge appetite for everything

For laughing, for loving, for eating, for sleeping, for learning, for living

There was a serene stillness in her but also a fire that burned fiercely

She was good and kind and funny and strong and independent and quiet and shy and stubborn and prideful and confident and smart and quick and capable and loveable and loving and trusting

She wasn’t special, she was just herself

Until the messages started to filter in

Messages that she breathed in, messages that she felt, messages that she saw on the faces of the children in her class, messages that she saw on the faces of the adults in her life, messages that came in looks and exchanged glances, messages that she heard in words, messages that were whispered to her, messages that were shouted at her, messages that she heard on t.v. and radio, messages that adults threw at each other when she was in the room and they forgot, messages that came in print, messages that she did not really understand except to understand that they were about her, of course they were

The messages told her that she was too quiet, too loud, too smart, too bossy, too dumb, too tall, too big, too thin, too pretty, too opinionated

Too much and yet, not enough

She believed the messages. Why shouldn’t she? She was just a little girl. No one explained that there might be messages out there, but they weren’t necessarily about HER. No one explained that the messages were just words, opinions, thoughts that other little girls heard and believed and told her that she needed to believe too. No one clarified that messages were not necessarily even true. No one thought to tell her that messages were just people's way of explaining and coping with life.

The little girl didn’t know this. She quickly realized that she had to find a way to explain the messages and cope with the messages which she didn’t like but who was she to challenge them? She didn’t want to believe the messages but who was she to argue with other little girls who believed and adults who believed.

So the little girl explained the messages to herself and coped the best she could

She shrunk

She hid

She changed what the messages told her to change about herself

She believed the messages

She thought her thoughts and lived her life according to the messages

She wasn’t particularly happy

She forgot that having a huge appetite was a wonderful thing

She forgot that being herself was a choice

She never learned that not believing the messages was also a choice

Until one day

She discovered Meditation

There once was a woman

She was not a small woman and she had a huge appetite

For everything

She loved that about herself

Messages flew in and out of her head and life all day long

She laughed

She had a choice

Meditation taught her that

She is grateful

She and the little girl Meditate together

They are happy



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