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  • dalit moskona

Meditation's Child; Peace

If Mediation were to have a child, it would be Peace.


What does that even mean?

Not a 100% sure myself, to be honest.

This jumble of words came to me as I was driving on a busy highway during rush hour traffic.

I was pretty impressed with myself because I liked the way it sounded.

Well, I was pleased with myself until I questioned what it meant. I wasn’t so pleased when the meaning to my words stumped me. The words rolled around in my brain for a few days until I decided to just sit down and try and give them meaning.

So please bear with me as I try and unravel my thoughts..

It might get bumpy, who knows?

Here is what I know:

I Meditate.

I teach Mediation.

I research and prepare before each Student extensively.

I spend a lot of my week in the world of Meditation.

I have found tremendous Peace in my own Meditation Practice and when teaching.


The above begs the question of why. Why do I find such peace in Mediation?

Let me just Meditate on this...


When I Meditate, I am in the moment, aware of all that comes up for me, aware of my experience, my nature, my existence, with whatever is and I accept that experience without judgement or self criticism or ego or wishing it were any different. It just is what it is. I flow with whatever the moment or the experience is. I flow with Time, with

Circumstance, with Life. In meditation I don’t try and control the moment, or force it to be a certain way. I just let it be and accept whatever comes to me.

Wow. I feel peace even as I write.

Even as I allow the words to flow out without really thinking, just rambling to a friend (you).

Meditation has taught me how to flow with Life instead of fighting Life.

Peace IS Meditation’s Child.



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