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What is Meditation?

Have you ever wondered about Meditation?

Does the word seem scary and weird to you?

Does the concept overwhelm you?

Have you ever thought “that sounds really cool but…”

I hear you

I started to Meditate in my early 20’s in order to “connect with myself and the Universe”.

Yes, that is actually how I thought back then

I thought of Meditation as an exotic, fascinating, esoteric, almost unattainable, challenging exercise which would lift me, answer all my questions, make me special and bring me eternal bliss

But at the same time, I had conflicting thoughts...

I worried that my mind would betray me

I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking (I am a big thinker, big jumbled thoughts all day long)

I wouldn’t be able to sit in that position (I have lower back issues, you know)

It seemed a drop boring (who has the patience to just sit)

I really could never do that

In actuality, what I found was the opposite

Meditation was as easy as breathing, Not really that exotic, esoteric and out there as I had thought. Just me and my breath. Nothing too weird or hard about breathing. I had a lifetime of doing it, I just was never aware of it

There are no hard and fast rules. I could adjust everything to my needs

There was no need to stop thinking. No one can stop thinking. I can no more tell my mind to stop thinking as I can tell my heart to stop beating. It was simply that I learned to think more slowly, to think one thought at a time, to practice a bit of distance from them and ultimately not believe every single thought

With the right guide, Meditation was totally attainable. I just had to close my eyes and be Me. I have always been Me, I just didn’t realize what that meant.

I learned that the extraordinary was simply my own little life. It was enough. Nothing fancy. The everyday stuff that seemed ordinary and boring became highlighted and special because it was mine, my experience

Over time, I realized that everything and everyone and all of life was special. Meditation doesn’t make it so. Being aware makes it so.

Meditation is called a “Practice” for a reason. You do have to Practice it, but it is so worth it.

Give it a try. You are worth it.



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