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How Meditation Can Help You Overcome Resistance: I have a confession to make...(Part One)

It might shock you but... here goes…

I am not perfect.

Shh! Don’t tell anyone else. This is just between you and me.

“What?” you might ask in utter and complete surprise. “But, you eat healthy and meditate and are totally aware and seemingly balance your inner word and your outer world and work and cook and Mother and… “

“Awe, stop!” I say, blushing.

But the truth is that almost everyone has something that they are resistant to changing or doing in their lives.

For me, it is Exercising with a big fat capital E.

For some it is “simply” changing or implementing a new habit: smoking, eating, reading more, less t.v. or… Exercising (Yuck)

For some it is incorporating life long desires into their day, such as painting, writing, scrapbooking, photography, learning a musical instrument or furthering their education.

For yet others, really big life changes might just be too daunting or overwhelming. Things such as changing jobs or partners, moving somewhere new or starting a Meditation Practice.

But all of this resistance, whether for the little changes or the big changes are rooted in the same basic thing. FEAR.

Trust me, just thinking of Exercising (the sweat, the awkward graceless-ness of my body in movement, the heavy breathing) fills me with dread and fear.

“Fear of what?” you ask with bewilderment and honest curiosity.

“I have absolutely NO idea” I answer with bewilderment and sad honesty.

I consider myself a pretty fearless person, yet here I am.

My head gives me a running, rational list of why I should Exercise.

My body longs to be healthy and fit.

My heart gently encourages me to just try.

My Soul wants me to overcome this silly resistance, vanquish the fear and be Victorious.

Yet all I do is procrastinate and avoid and dread.

I have every excuse possible:

“I can’t exercise today. I just washed my hair and I have that big meeting tomorrow. I can’t have flat greasy hair tomorrow” (obviously)

“I look terrible in workout clothes. As soon as I lose 10 pounds, then I will exercise.”

“I will start next Monday”

“I will start on the first of next Month” (it is only the 2nd of this Month, mind you)

“I will start on my Birthday” (the exact year not specified)

So, here I am..

Wait, What??

You too?


Join me on my next blog, where I try to work through it,

Maybe it can help both of us.



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