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Grateful to be Grateful.

I wake up Thanksgiving morning feeling a little grumpy. A little anxious. A little dissatisfied. A little yucky. Not quite sure why.

Covid fatigue? Yep

A little tired of these 4 walls? Yep

Missing a large, noisy family and friends gathering? Yep

Close family members and good friends far away? Yep

Not very Holiday-ish vibes? Yep

Not looking forward to the day? Yep

Like I said..


As I contemplate my overall state of yuckines, I hear my husband in the kitchen starting the morning coffee.

A few days earlier, he had bought me a new coffee machine with a steamer (love hot milk in my coffee).

Since the machine arrived, he had taken it upon himself to make me the “perfect” cup of morning coffee. It was a point of pride.

A bit of context here. Coffee is not just Coffee. It is part of my Spiritual Practice and Emotional makeup. I crave, need and LOVE my hot morning coffee.

Ok, let’s be honest.

My name is Dalit and I am addicted to yummy coffee.

And I am ok with it.

But I digress, Back to my story…

I smell the Coffee from the hallway. My mouth literally waters.

With a smile, my husband hands me my Coffee in my favorite mug which my daughter “made” for me in 4th grade. It has lopsided, ungainly, faded red hearts all over it. All of a sudden, my daughter, who lives in Europe, is right there in the kitchen with me. I can see her smiling proudly handing me the mug all those years ago. Her smile mixes with my husband’s smile. I can’t help it. I smile.

And that smile opens me right up. It just melts all the yuckiness.

All my joys and all my Gratitudes come flooding in.

I step outside to check the weather and it is glorious.

I think “Huh?”

More context here. I live in the South where it has been hot and humid and rainy since last May.

It was absolutely stunning outside.

I sit in my Meditation chair just in awe of the light and beauty around me.

The clear unblemished winter blue sky of the tropics.

The cool, fresh air.

The trees and plants softly rustling in tune with the wind.

The birds singing in the trees.

My serene Buddha Garden.


Sitting there drinking my hot, made and served with love coffee, and gazing all around me, I can not imagine a more perfect moment.

Gratitude doesn’t have to be about the big things.

It can be, but it is also about the little, simple things that make you smile.

I am overwhelmed with the magical healing properties of a simple smile and Gratitude.

I am looking forward to my day.

I am grateful that you are reading this.

I am so grateful to be grateful.

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