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How Meditation Can Affect Every Aspect Of Your Life: Create Your Own Sanctuary at Home

The old saying that “your home is your castle” is really profound and true. Your home is your sanctuary, your place of rest and relaxation, your special place to lay down your fears and stresses and worries of the day and the outside world and rejuvenate, heal and gather your energies. It is your dry, warm port in a sometimes stormy world. It is where you live and love and therefore it absorbs and reflects your energy. Whether your home is a quiet, peaceful solitary place or a loud, chaotic full house you can still create an oasis of peace in this physical place just by shifting your perspective and thoughts.

The next time that you are about to enter your home, stop for just one moment and anticipate the joy of “coming home”. Whether your home is a comfortable, cozy, shabby mess or a quiet, orderly place of serenity, take a deep breath and appreciate having a home. A place that is yours, a place that you can close the door against the world and be safe.

As you cross the threshold, take a breath and look around. It doesn't matter one bit what greets you. A big slobbering dog, a cool cat, shouts, demands, chaos or a lovely peaceful calm, take it all in. It is yours.

Once a week, take a long look around your home. Maybe even do a walkthrough. Note what works for you. What do you see, smell, feel and touch that brings you pleasure and peace. Note it. Savor it. Appreciate it. Keep it. If something is out of place or just doesn't feel right, note it. Ask your inner intuition what is it that doesn’t feel right. If you can or you want, change it. Add something to it or take something away. Move it around. Make your physical home match your energy, your aesthetics, your pleasure. If this is not possible, then find one corner or place in your home that you can call your own and make that little space reflect the true and inner “you”. If that too is impossible, find a drawer that you can empty. Take that now empty drawer and create your own space, your sacred space, your alter. Fill it with what makes you happy. A rock, a photo, a candle, whatever is meaningful and sacred to you. It is your secret. You can open it anytime you want. It is your sanctuary.

With some simple and subtle shifts you can create beauty, peace and meaningfulness in any space that you inhabit. Try it on your porch, balcony. back yard, garden, even your office. Extend your Mindful Practice beyond Mindful thoughts, action or words, and into any space that you physically inhabit.



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