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“Meditation covers everything from gaining a deeper awareness and appreciation of your daily experiences to living in conscious contact with the Universe and yourself.  Developing a Meditation Practice will allow you to experience your life in a new and deeper manner.

-Dalit Moskona

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Meditation is a multifaceted and multidimensional tool used to facilitate many different desires.


From emotional, physical and  psychological benefits to spiritual growth, Meditation can be an effective and fascinating ally on your personal journey, no matter where you are in life.


In your practice, I will teach you to use different techniques, such as Mindfulness, Vipassana, Breathe, and Guided Meditations to sharpen your Awareness, Attention and Focus. All the while striving to achieve harmony, balance and a sense of heightened spiritual awareness.

 I love watching my beginner students give themselves permission to release and relax. I love watching my more advanced students open themselves to the benefits and joys of a true meditation practice. I welcome you into the calm and beautiful world of Breath and Connection.


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30 Min - $45 / Set of 8 - $320

60 Min - $80/ Set of 8- $520

Let’s make the whole issue of weight management as painless as possible. We will work together to explore all the options and ultimately create the best possible program and plan for your unique life and lifestyle. 


I offer a generous mixture of practical and organizational advice, along with scientific and scholarly research.  All combined with meditative and spiritual support.

My method is holistic, scientific, practical and is crafted just for you and your lifestyle. We spend time discussing your life, your week, your day to discover the flow and the patterns. We isolate your individual “triggers” and “pitfalls” and create a “tool box” just for you. We uncover the hidden delights of healthy and sane eating through Meditation and Mindful eating. There are no diets, no starvation, no deprivations, no pills or potions. What there will be is a powerful sense of accomplishment, transformation and wonder. You will never be alone.


Together we will plan and shop and cook and organize and eat and enjoy and laugh and meditate and succeed.


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60 Min - $80 / Set of 8- $520



Upon returning to the United States, I continued working as an assistant public defender and meditating every day. I began to teach. For over 30 years, my zeal for meditation has seeped out into my professional and personal life as I have taught clients, friends and family to meditate while using calming breathing techniques during stressful moments.


A devotion to spreading the joys of meditation and its teachings has been a large part of my life. I formally began teaching meditation 12 years ago. I have worked with busy professionals and businessman, nervous and harried mothers, the elderly and dying, stressed teenagers and almost every demographic imaginable. Meditation has deepened, enriched and expanded my life and I would be honored to share it with you.

After graduating from law school I worked as an assistant public defender, representing indigent clients. I loved my work, but after years of working and studying Meditation locally, I realized that I wanted a broader and deeper life experience. And so, I took a leave of absence, packed up and began a life-changing trip to Asia. 

There I delved into the practice of meditation as a resident student in various ashrams and monasteries throughout the Far East. 


In India, I spend time in Rishikesh studying classic Hindu meditation practices. In Pune, I studied mindfulness and meditation. In Madras, I studied with Maharaji and learned the secrets and discipline of daily meditation. I then spent a month following a Sadhu (nomadic Indian holy man and sage) as he traveled through India giving sermons and teaching meditation to villagers and India’s poor. 

After India, I traveled to Northern Thailand to study in Chiangmai in a renowned monastery devoted to Vipassana Meditation. In China and Japan, I traveled extensively studying Buddhism and Zen meditation and spent many hours in Zazen practice.



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I highly recommend Dalit Moskona as a coach whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student of meditaton.

She creates a safe, comfortable space and her voice and energy are so soothing.

With her guidance, my Chakra clearing and healing session left me feeling soothed, relaxed and clear.

I was able to forget my worries, calm my nervous system and have a renewed outlook on my day.

I can't wait for my next session with Dalit!

                                       -Maria-Tina K

I started meditating with Dalit because I had wanted to start this practice for years and had not been successful. Dalit not only knows the practice inside and out, and guides you through different meditation techniques step by step but is gentle and loving, breaking the practice down into little, manageable steps that make it easy to turn the practice into a consistent, lifelong habit. Her voice is so soothing that it makes it easy to enter a meditative state, something I struggled with for so many years.  I am so grateful for her patience and compassion in guiding me towards making this practice a part of my daily life. It has made me feel more present in my life, made me better able to manage stress and anxiety and feel that I have better control of my thoughts and actions.         

                               -Claudia Baumann


Without hesitation, as soon as I hung up the phone with Dalit, I set a weight goal for myself, and went for it. Four weeks later and 12 pounds thinner, I achieved my goal. I found the diet very manageable, mostly because I was allowed to eat whenever I felt slightly hungry, and due to having a great support system with Dalit guiding me all along the way. This made  being on a diet incredibly easy for me. Never feeling hungry nor alone WOW. This was an experience I never had before with any of the other diets I have been on.  
Having Dalit as a coach was extremely beneficial. She was always available, responding immediately to my calls, providing helpful tips, suggestions and guidance. Dalit was very knowledgeable, and and willing to share this knowledge all along the way.
I am now on the maintenance program, and managing to do so easily by having incorporated some of the guidelines from the diet into my daily eating habits. Thank you Dalit.

                                    -Racheli L



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