Every person inhabits an entire Universe of their own. Everything about their Universe is unique and tailor made for them. An eating plan and a weight loss program is no different.


Weight loss need not be torture. It is hard work, dedication and commitment but it can also be a process or journey of self discovery and satisfaction.


My method is holistic, scientific, practical and is crafted just for you and your lifestyle. We spend time discussing your life, your week, your day to discover the flow and the patterns. We isolate your individual “triggers” and “pitfalls” and create a “tool box” just for you. We uncover the hidden delights of healthy and sane eating through Meditation and Mindful eating. There are no diets, no starvation, no deprivations, no pills or potions. What there will be is a powerful sense of accomplishment, transformation and wonder. You will never be alone.


Together we will plan and shop and cook and organize and eat and enjoy and laugh and meditate and succeed.


Let’s start!

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken"

Oscar Wilde