• dalit moskona

Meditation and Physics:What are we really?

My twin passions are Meditation (as a form of Metaphysics) and Science (Physics). I have studied each subject independently and separately from the other for years. I used to say that one fed my Soul and the other my Mind.


One day, I had a thought that changed everything. In that moment, my two distinct loves/hobbies/interests/worlds smashed into each other in a Big Bang (pun intended) that put it all into perspective for me.

That’s quite a statement!

Quite a lead in!

Pretty bold!

Bear with me.

The nature of all physical reality is built on Atoms. We learn that Atoms are the building blocks of matter and matter is what our Reality is made of. I started my physics studies believing that the parts that make up an Atom (protons, neutrons and electrons) were little bits of stuff, points or particles. I had trouble enough understanding that. But then I learned that an electron is not a point in space, not a thing. It is a “cloud of possibilities” circling a proton and a neutron. Let me repeat that, an electron, one of the basic building blocks of reality and matter is not a “thing” (yet). It is a cloud of possibility. It is a swarm of buzzing energy and until a classical instrument (a microscope, a measuring utensil, an experiment) interacts with the cloud, that is all they are. Infinite possibilities.

Furthermore, electrons can be anywhere and everywhere in space at the same time! Once an instrument is introduced and someone measures, pinpoints and “sees” them, then the cloud or wave function collapses into a measurable place in space. It then becomes real. It creates Reality in that very moment of being seen, by the very act of being observed.

And really, isn’t that what each moment of our lives is?

A cloud of possibilities until we become aware of the moment and decide what is happening for us. In every moment, there is a cloud of possibilities as to what we can be, what we can believe, what we can think, what we can feel, what we can do, what we can decide. It is all there in the void of the moment, every possibility that exists. Once we become aware of that moment , we decide what we are. We label ourselves just as a classical instrument interjects itself into the swarm of possibility and labels the electron in space. We decide if we are happy from all the possibilities available to us in that moment and then we proceed as though that is our “reality”. Or we decide that we are sad and decide to live as though that was true as well.

The swarm of possibilities is the same in the physical world around us as it is in the human moment.

The classical instrument of measure in Physics is analogous to our human Awareness. Just as the classical instrument interferes with the cloud of possibility and pinpoints it into one place in space so does our awareness pinpoint our feeling or thought into reality in this moment.

Physics, Nature, God created or determined that the basic building blocks of our material existence is just a cloud of possibilities.

So is our moment.

Which possibility will you choose to create your reality, your moment?