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The Best Meditation: Here's a Secret, Here's a Hint

Here’s a secret.

Those of us who have been meditating for years know it but we kinda don't want to tell you because then you will really and truly see how easy meditating is.

But I am a rebel. I will let the cat out of the bag.

I really want you to meditate.

That is my mission in life.

And I will throw in free of charge, just because you were kind enough to stop and read this, a Hint. The biggest and only Hint that you need to start Meditating,


Drumroll please

Here is the Secret:

Meditation is not about becoming a new or better person.

It is simply about Being the You-ist You that You can be with every Breath You take. With every Breath, be Aware that you are Alive. With Gratitude and Joy take in the world around you and the world within you. It doesn't need to be a Perfect moment in order to be in the moment. That you know this is enough.

The best Meditation is just as simple as connecting to your Breathe. Watching your Breathe as it flows into your body and watching it flow out of your body.

Take that Deepak Chopra!

How’s that for a scholarly, pithy definition of Meditation?

But truly, that’s it.

What’s that? Ah, yes, the Hint.

Here is the Hint:

Meditating is not about stopping to think or feel.

Meditating is not about getting rid of our thoughts or emotions.

Quite the opposite.

Meditating is about getting to know the content, quality and frequency of our thoughts and emotions.

Getting to know them intimately without judgement, criticism or censorship.

Coming to recognize patterns of thought and feelings, seeing how your body reacts to these thoughts and feelings, watching what happens dispassionately and without attachment.

Being curious and open and aware.

Breathing and being Aware.

Try it.

You can thank me later.



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