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  • dalit moskona

A True Beginners Guide to Meditation

I am serious when I say that Anyone can Meditate. I will take it one step further and say that You can Meditate anywhere and at any time. In fact, you probably Meditate and don't even realize that you are Meditating.

Huh?? Wha?? (You)

Bear with me.

Meditation is a BIG word. It is an Umbrella term that encompasses dozens of techniques, schools of thought and practices. Like exercise. Swimming is exercise but so is running and yoga and dozens of other ways of movement.

Meditation is simply taking a moment to intend to take a moment to connect to the present moment.

Huh??? Wha??? (You)

Any time that you decide to take a moment to become aware of what you are doing, thinking or feeling, and then actually being aware of what you are doing, thinking or feeling is a Meditation because you have shut off Auto Pilot Life and switched into Awareness and Connection with this very moment.

Hmmm…. Ok…. More information please (You)

Meditation can be formal:

Setting aside special time in a special place.


Meditation can be informal:

Being Mindful while driving or speaking or eating.

Meditation can be ritualistic:

Sitting upright, closing the eyes, breathing or gazing at a candle or chanting


Listening to a song with closed eyes or dancing with total awareness, or immersing yourself in looking old pictures until the point where the outside world fades away


Guided Meditations


Establishing a Mindful Self Care Ritual like taking 5-10 minutes everyday to just Be or having a coffee or tea with yourself everyday (I have a blog on self care with other suggestions).

Here’s a little tip:

The next time that you hear a bird sing or a child laugh or a bell ring, stop, close your eyes and for the few seconds of that sound just be aware of it and hear it, really hear it. Fill up on that sound, allow it to penetrate deep inside. Become in a sense the sound. Just for a few seconds.


The next time that you walk to your mailbox to gather the mail, do it Mindfully. Leave your phone in the house. Look at the sky, the clouds, the sun, the moon. Watch the tree branches dance in the wind. Watch as a single leaf gently floats on the current. Watch the street life. Listen for birds or children or traffic. Smell what there is to smell. Notice the light, the shadows. Be aware of just standing there drinking in the moment. Just for a few seconds.

And, that’s it. You have just Meditated!

Ok, Ok, I am beginning to like this... I can do this (You)

Yes, you can. It is the greatest act of self love to be fully Present and Aware and Alive in this very Moment. And every moment can be this way.

This is Meditation. This is your Moment. Make the most of it.



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